Washing Machine has been best Laundry solution for every household among all other home appliance washing machine is the that appliance which need proper installation and appropriate handling to work washing machine properly.

You supposed to follow all procedure as per your features of washing machine and most of the time wrong handling is the reason to damage the washing machine.

And OK  Service Centre will help you fix your washing machine damage and also guides you about how to keep your appliances working as long as possible

Common Problems with washing machine are as follows -:

  • washer is leaking
  • washer is making strange noises
  • Washing machine vibrating abnormally
  • washer is not running or filling with water
  • washer won’t drain or spin correctly

OK Service Centre has gain trust over the years in repairing industry with its efficiency, credibility, and accuracy so there is no other better option for damage washing machine repair in all Delhi.