We daily uses many appliances at home to make are daily activities easy among that Refrigerator is most important as it directly related with our food and due to damage refrigerator food like meat dairy products can get spoil so no one would wish to stuck into similar situation.

OK Service Centre has been in the repairing industry from many years. And that’s what makes OK Services Centre best repairing solution in Mumbai. Our technicians can resolve any damage occurred with your refrigerator.

Common Problems with Refrigerator are as follows:

  • Leakage Water
  • Noisy Sound
  • Current at outer Body
  • Frizzing Issues

All above mentioned issues are just few example OK Service Centre are experts in fixing any other related damage of refrigerator with our trained technicians and qualified staff

It’s been hectic to visit any repair center due to busy schedule we totally understand that so to provide best service we at OK Service Centre will visit your home as per your convenience at any location in Delhi.