The split and window AC are generally used for the small air conditioning capacities usually up to 5 tons. On the other hand the central air conditioning systems are normally used for the places where the cooling loads goes beyond 15 tons, whereas the packaged AC are used for the cooling the places which lies in between these two extremes. The packaged AC are accessible in the market in the fixed rated capacities of 3, 5, 7, and 10 tons. These units are used usually in places like telephone exchanges, restaurants, small halls, homes, etc.

The unit is placedAll the essential components of the air conditioner, in the packaged AC are covered under a single casing just like in the window AC. Thus the cooling coil, compressor, and air handling unit are all present in a single casing and are put together at the factory location. 
The packaged AC are divided into two types, depending on the type of the cooling system used in these systems –
• Water cooled condenser
• Air cooled condensers.