Who loves bakery products? We know everyone does and if it is homemade that’s cherry on the cake but when it going to happen when your microwave is in fine condition and works smoothly.

A damage microwave can create obstacles to daily kitchen related activities and we don’t want that we would love that you get your fresh favorite dish at the time you want. Here OK Service Centre will help you we have team of experienced professional who can fix your microwave oven damage with guarantee

Common Problems with microwave are as follows -:

  • Microwave plate does not spin
  • Microwave does not heat
  • Microwave light-bulb does not turn on during operation
  • Sparking inside microwave
  • Microwave buttons do not work

Whether it can be any problem non-working keypad, broken handle or any damage part we can fix it that’s the reason OK Service Centre is best known for repairing solution in all areas of Delhi.